So what is a Community First Responder?

A Community First Responder is a volunteer from the local community who responds to requests for help from East Midlands Ambulance Service in your local area. They respond to the most urgent calls such as cardiac arrest, heart attacks, stroke, falls, breaks and trauma related incidents.  Click here to find out more

As they live or work in the local community the speed at which they can respond to calls can be the difference between life or death, that is why being a responder is so rewarding, knowing that one day you will make a difference to someones life, their loved ones and their families. Click here to find out more

All of the training is provided by East Midlands Ambulance Service. You will gain new skills which will not only make a difference to memebers of the public, but also to those you love around you. Together with the sense of achievement becoming a responder will enrich your life. Click here for more information

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